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Regroup Therapy's mission is to ensure that anyone in need of mental healthcare can access a clinically-appropriate, high quality behavioral health provider, regardless of where they live.

We are eliminating mental healthcare shortages across the U.S. by providing virtual staffing of psychiatrists and therapists drawn from our network of 2,000+ providers. Regroup clinicians see patients via a secure, compliant video connection, but are fully-integrated into the existing systems, processes, and patient experiences of our health entity partners.

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Leadership Team

David is the founder, CEO and serves on the company's Board. David’s prior work has ranged from “counseling” CIOs of global companies to a 27 month stint with the US Peace Corps. David was the Director of Sales and Service for Latin America, Spain and Portugal with CEB. David graduated from Colorado College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He holds an International MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

David Cohn
David Cohn
CEO, Director & Founder

Gregory was CEO of Your.MD, the top health app in 59 countries; CEO of Quantone, and has been named among the Top 50 European Digital Tastemakers and the Top 100 Most Influential Tech Investors in Europe. He has advised the European government, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and tech incubators.

Gregory Kris
Gregory Kris

Justine has vast clinical, administrative and operational experience in the mental health and health care sectors. Her prior work has included hospital administration, project management, and extensive clinical work in hospitals and the community. Justine co-founded a mental health startup and has been with Regroup since 2014. She holds an MSW from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.

Justine Mitchell
Justine Mitchell
Chief Clinical Officer

Moon is a veteran technical and product development leader with twenty years of experience at companies both large and small. Since his first startup, which eventually went on to a successful IPO, he has helped launch new products for a number of companies and well-known brands. Moon graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College and went on to study at Harvard Law.

Moon Lee
Moon Lee

Tim has been working hard to improve healthcare for almost 20 years, first as a psychiatrist and, in the past decade, as an executive and consultant focused on innovative projects across every sector of the industry. Since residency, he has help leadership role at McKinsey & Company, MDS, Innosight, and Apervita. Tim attended medical school at the University of Pennsylvania and did psychiatry residency training at Mt. Sinai in New York City.

Tim Gustafson
Tim Gustafson, MD
Sr. Vice President Provider Services

Naveen has worked in healthcare as an entrepreneur, attorney, and financial advisor. He has worked for large law firms focusing on M&A, co-founded a growing preventative care & wellness provider, and served as a financial advisor focusing on large provider-side transactions. He is also a strategic/legal advisor to a number of growth-phase healthcare startups.

Naveen Kathuria
Naveen Kathuria
Sr. Vice President Growth & Compliance

Dr Mahmoud is a board-certified psychiatrist, with significant experience in healthcare provision and healthcare management. He has practiced psychiatry in different clinical settings in the United States and Canada, and has worked in health management and policy development in several countries with the World Health Organization.

Hossam Mahmoud, MD
Hossam Mahmoud, MD
Medical Director

Board of Directors

Sapan Shah is the President of Flagship Healthcare, a medical professional liability brokerage based in Chicago, IL. Dr. Shah’s background includes a diverse experience of clinical medicine, medical research, corporate litigation, and physician consulting. He is also a member of Hyde Park Angels within the Healthcare Industry Vertical.

Sapan Shah
Sapan Shah, MD, JD

As an early-stage investor in Regroup, Seph helps guide its direction and strategy. Seph's day job is producing small-house Cognac in France. Seph graduated from Colorado College with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics. He holds an International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility from the EOI Business School in Madrid, Spain.

Seph Hall
Seph Hall

Jordan has 29 years of entrepreneurial experience spanning multiple industries including technology, communications and consumer products. He co-founded the Psychographic Design Group which he successfully led for over 14 years and is an active member of Chicago's entrepreneurial and business community and serves on the board of 3 early-stage companies.

Jordan Dolin
Jordan Dolin

Our Investors

Hyde Park Angels
Impact Engine
Harvard Business Angels
New Stack Ventures
Wasson Enterprises

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