How it works

Get started with your first session in a few easy steps

1. Create a free account

The Regroup system places simplicity and security above all else. Anyone with a broadband internet connection, a webcam and a Mac or PC can use it. First register by providing an e-mail address and a password. That's all there is to it.

2. Add clients

Add your client into your client list by clicking "My Clients" on the horizontal navigation bar. Then click "Add a Client". Fill in the required fields. This information is protected and is only visible to you, the provider. For future sessions, the client's name will be available to select from the drop down menu when you schedule sessions.

3. Schedule a session

To schedule a session, you have two options – "Schedule a Future Session" or "Start Session Now."

You will need to choose the client with whom you'll be meeting from the client dropdown menu. You will also be required in both cases to choose session duration. Don't worry if you go over the stated session duration, the session will continue uninterrupted. However, your client must enter the session before the session end time.

When you schedule a session, your client will receive the necessary information on how to join the session via email – either using a direct link, or using a short code. Have them click that link and they'll be placed automatically into the session. Before a client's first session, allow 5 minutes for them to walk through the automatic configuration tool. After that, they will be able to enter a session in a single click.

4. Hold your session

At session time, click "Begin Session" from the dashboard. That will place you in the session. Follow any other on-screen prompts and you'll be all set.

Through our combined approach, we are building a community of knowledgeable, tech-savvy and forward-thinking providers who are committed to expanding client access to the care they deserve.